The Staff

Co-founder of Amateur Investigator. Specialized in myth, legends and lore. Gatekeeper always believed the importance of teamwork within the group. He bravely lead the members of Amateur Investigator into dangerous situations from the safety of the portable command centre.

Co-Founder of Amateur Investigators. Specialized in the dark arts, hypnosis, ESP and exotic drinks. Influence has been a active member who is always alert to his surroundings and eagerly waiting to go on the next mission. One wonders where he gets the energy.

Specialized in historical research. Not only a member but also Amateur Investigators' Human Resources Director who insures the positions of TEXP staff members were never short of willing victims....ah...volunteers.

Specialized in computers, electronics, recordings, and digital equipment. After 16 years, Techno had completed a 2 year degree in computer / electrical engineering and was hired on as Amateur Investigators' technical expert.

Specialized in ufology. Eight-Ball has investigated several dozen cases involving UFOs, but in June, 2005, after experiencing an encounter of the fourth kind, refuses any participation of instances regarding aliens, crop circles, lights or abductions. He now suffers phobias of doctors, medical examinations rooms and colonoscopy.

Specialized in video / audio editing and production. BearlyThere was the editor and producer of all Amateur Investigators' videos, yet after the groups disappearance, he denies any involvement or association with the team and hopes to salvage what remains of his film making career in the porn industry.

TEXP Staff Member #4 (a.k.a Bait)
Specialized in survival. Bait joined Amateur Investigators in 2003 and proven himself to be resourceful, innovative and quick on his feet to be the only TEXP staff member to remain alive over the years. How long will this luck hold out?