Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Truth Behind Amateur Investigators

In the early 2000s, there was an increase of shows about the supernatural, ghosts, demons, UFOs and so on. While some friends got together one day to brainstorm a way on how they too can make some money off this new trend and after a few nights of drinking, an idea came up about making a spoof about paranormal investigators. With a old camcorder and a few cases of beer, Amateur Investigators was born. A few videos and a website were posted on the internet in hopes it would gain popularity and become something big. After a few years, nothing came out of Amateur Investigators except a few hangovers, broken dreams and empty wallets. All production was stopped as the videos and website were taken off-line in 2006. At the request of those originally involved in the series along with some fans, they wish to have all past work done with Amateur Investigators to be posted on Facebook to be shared with families and friends. This page was created for everyone enjoy and have a good laugh from what never become a movie or a hit TV show. Hopefully in the future, Amateur Investigators could then remain dead and buried.