History of the Group

One night in 2002, Gatekeeper and Influence(co-founders of Amateur Investigators), experienced an encounter with the unknown. They were wedgied by ghosts, found beer bottles emptied and seen a pink elephant. To discover if these events were paranormal in origin or the result of hallucination along with hopes to make some money, Amateur Investigators was formed. In 2004, Amateur Investigators become sponsored by the paranormal site, Darkensouls.com, in the investigation and research of the unknown. Darkensouls.com went bankrupt by 2005, after the group had accumulated over one million dollars in debt for expenses involving equipment, travel, booze and escorts. Without financial backing and unable to recruit more TEXP staff members, Amateur Investigators’ future looked bleak. In February of the following year, the group was able to secure funds after settling on the life insuance polices for TEXP Staff Member #30 and #31. With the new found money, a decision was made by Amateur Investigators to take on their greatest challenge, the Bermuda Triangle. A plane left Miami, Florida at 9:04 am, May 5, 2006 with all members aboard. Amateur Investigators remains missing since that day.